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Oshkosh Smiles- Dental Payment Options

The team at Oshkosh Smiles Family Dental realizes unforeseen circumstances arise that can make it difficult to pay for dental treatments. This video outlines your dental payment options.

“What payment options do you have for your office?”

At Oshkosh smiles we value our patients and understand that
unforeseen circumstances can happen in your lives. That’s why we are willing to
work with our patients when it comes to payment and financial arrangements.

Most dental offices require payment in full the same day as
your services. Here at Oshkosh smiles we allow patients to pay their balance
within 3 months without penalty. We also understand that this may not be a long
enough payment period for some patients, which is why we also accept care
credit at our office.

“What is care credit?”

Care credit is different from a regular credit card. Care
credit is a zero-interest healthcare credit card specifically used towards your
wellness. A lot of people are “scared” by the term credit card. However, Care
credit only pulls what is considered a “soft” credit score and has little to no
effect on your score. It would be similar to you opening up a new checking
account at a bank.

 Not only is it a zero
percent interest option, but it gives you a longer period of time to pay than a
regular credit card does.  Here at our
office we can give patients 6,12 or 18 months to pay their full balance over
200 dollars without any interest charges.

“Benefits of Care Credit”

Not only can you use you care credit card at our Dental
office, but you can use it at many other businesses as well. Some examples are,
The pharmacist, Dermatologist, Vet, Chiropractor, Eye Doctor, specialists, and
for cosmetic surgery. Best of all, you can use it for every member of your

We appreciate our patients and that is why we want you to be
informed of all of your options when it comes to your dental care. Care credit
is a great option for many of the patients we treat.