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Dental Financing

Dental Financing

Dental insurance has been helping people with their dental needs for many years. If you have dental insurance, our staff will file your claims for you electronically. We will estimate any deductibles or co-payments that you are responsible for and ask for payment of those at the time of service.

Unfortunately, if you have many complicated dental needs, your insurance won’t cover everything. However, the good news is, it will still help!

Many insurance plans will have lists of dental providers. However, by no means does that mean that you can only receive care and ultimately insurance reimbursement for that care, from the dentists on “the list”. Most dental plans have provisions for “out of network” reimbursement that are many times similar to “in network”. You’ll find that dental insurance plans are usually quite different from medical insurance plans. Please call our office at (920) 233-6001 for help in navigating the sometimes confusing waters of dental insurance. WE ARE HAPPY TO HELP!

For treatments not covered by insurance, we accept cash, check, credit or debit card at the time of service. When payment of the entire amount is made the same day as service, a 5% discount will be issued. This includes the use of MasterCard or Visa. If you need payment plan options, we offer Care Credit financing as a convenience to you.

Click here for more information on dental financing through Care Credit.