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Patient Testimonials

After moving to the Oshkosh area, I asked three different colleagues at different times for suggestions of dental offices in the area. All three referred me to Hanneman Dustrude Dental! I was pleased to hear the sweet stories of the kindness of the personnel. Little did I know, these stories have such truth behind them. My welcome on my first visit was filled with excited smiles and warmth. I feel as if I’ve gone to this dental office my entire life. That type of friendliness is unfortunately uncommon. I am lucky to have found my new home.

Amy – New Oshkosh resident


Dr. Hanneman, It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial today. Before coming to you with my dental needs, I was too embarrassed to smile during pictures, but now I cannot stop showing my pearly whites off to the world. Thank you for restoring my confidence and providing me with beautiful teeth for my wedding day.

Graciela – Oshkosh