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Wand/STA System

Wand/STA System

Painless Anesthetic Delivery

The mere sight of a dental syringe and the thought of having an injection by the dentist can easily make most patients wish they were someplace else.

The source of discomfort for most injections, however, isn’t the needle, it’s the pressure created by the flow of dental anesthetic into your tissue. But a new computer controlled injection system called The Wand (also known as CompuDent) can greatly relieve this discomfort.

Computer Controlled Novocain Delivery System

The anesthetic is delivered at a constant pressure and volume that’s typically below the threshold of pain, which allows for virtually painless injections.

Benefits of The Wand are:

  • No more standard syringe injections
  • Non-threatening appearance
  • Research shows it minimizes anxiety
  • Comfortable & Effective

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